About 1910 Legacy

Over 100 years of
taking care of the customer

1910 Legacy Enterprises is the creator and operator of great companies built on strong partnerships. The legacy we carry forward is customer focused. This is evident in the vision statement shared across all the subsidiaries: to be the region’s preferred contractor who delivers solutions that provide every customer with peace of mind.

Our founders Mr. Walker and Mr. White

Built on Partnership

1910 Legacy Enterprises

1910 is the year we began our journey of becoming true partners with our customers. Then, as a family owned company, earning the trust of our partners was paramount to our success. Now, as an employee owned company, that trust is even more critical to the success of our companies as well as our partners. Our solid reputation is built on meeting the needs of people that depend on us, and as owners, we take that responsibility very personally.

Powering Forward

1910 Legacy Enterprises

1910 Legacy Enterprises was born out of the need for our companies to grow along with the needs of our customers. We will continually position our companies as needed for the future growth and needs of the partnerships we have built over the past 100+ years. Change is never easy but our commitment to build foundational relationships is what drives us towards excellence as we look to the future of the next 100 years.

About 1910 Legacy

Our Companies

White Electrical

With over 100 years experience, White Electrical is the premier contractor in our region. Our ability to provide quality solutions to our customers is what sets us apart from the competition.

Axis Energy

Built on the need for strong partners, Axis Energy offers total project solutions in the renewable energy market. Strong, secure and with solid backing, we deliver superior quality every time.